5 star awarded & voted best of Peterborough!
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Whittlesey: 01733 205 454
Yaxley: 01733 685 330

Popular chip shops in Whittlesey and Yaxley

Our traditional fish and chip shops in Whittlesey and Yaxley are a top favourite in the UK. If you are in the mood for delicious takeaway food or simply want a yummy meal without having to cook, look no further than Friar Tuck's Fish & Chips.
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Excellent food with exceptional quality

Established in 1997, Friar Tuck's Fish & Chips is located in the traditional town of Whittlesey in Peterborough. With over 75 years of experience in the business, we always aim to produce the perfect product you deserve. Due to our strong reputation in Whittesley for our delicious fish and chips, we have recently opened our second shop in Yaxley. Please come and visit our friendly and welcoming chip shops! It's time for you to enjoy excellent food with exceptional quality. 
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Sustainable sources

We source all our fish from sustainable fishing resources. So don't worry about second helpings, you'll always be able to come back for more! Contact us today.
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Why choose us?

  • 75 years of experience     
  • 5-star awarded 
  • Voted best of Peterborough
  • Locally sourced products
  • Can cater for large groups & party's


Tasty treats

We offer you great food at excellent prices. Whether you're planning a takeaway for the family or taking a quick work break, we'll serve you tasty treats!

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Our meals offer delicious deals. Call 01733 205 454 to place a takeaway order.
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